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Digital Assets,Under Control

The safest regulated exchange in Southeast Asia

About us

The NEEX is the safest and most compliant regulated fiat currency exchange platform in Southeast Asia. It was officially launched in December 2018, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur.

We focus on the Asia-Pacific region to provide users with safer and more convenient blockchain asset exchange services, to aggregate global high-quality blockchain assets, and to create a worldwide blockchain asset exchange platform. At the same time, strictly abide by the relevant laws of Bank Negara Malaysia and accept supervision by financial regulatory agencies.

Professional management team

The core management team comes from worldwide exchange executives, early blockchain developers, founders of quantitative hedge fund companies, and early private equity funds.

The core technology with obvious advantages

We have the industry-leading technical strength, the authoritatively certified memory matching technology, processing speed of up to thousands of transactions, far higher than the industry average.

International investment advisory team

Rich community resources and numerous partners provide real value and potential digital assets and provide liquidity to the platform.

Sound risk control system and bank support

Supported by ASEAN's top law firms and accounting firms, it has good relations with central banks and Banking Regulatory Commission in Southeast Asia, as well as regular reporting obligations.