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Declaration for Section 8.I hereby declare:- That all of the information provided by me under section 8 is true and correct and in full compliance with the Financial Service Act 2013 / Islamic Financial Service Act 2013 and Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 and the prevailing Notice under the Foreign Exchange Administration Rules issued by Central Bank Negara Malaysia,- That I, and the beneficiary of persons benefitting in any capacity whether directly in connection with or from this transaction, am not a Specially Designated National or “SDNs”as listed under the Sanctions Lists published by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) of the United States Department (http://www.Treasury.Gov/resource-center/sanctions) and to my knowledge, not subject to any economic, trade or other application sanctions imposed, administration or enforced by the United Nation, European Union and Australia against targeted foreign states, organization and individuals, as the case may be, - That I am fully aware that fund cannot be remitted to any sanctioned country; And - That I agree and understand that the Bank shall be entitled to sight, request and verify any documentary evidence with regards to this transaction, including invoice and approval letters from the relevant authorities.

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Declaration for Section 9 I hereby declare: - That I have read and understood the Privacy Notice of Ambank Group which is made available at Ambank branch and website, and give my consent for Ambank Group to process my personal data for the intended usage as slated under the Privacy Notice. I hereby also confirm that this declaration will prevail over any previous declaration made by me.

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