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Safety · Compliance · Convenient

Fiat currency exchange

Professional fiat currency exchange channel, improve the mobility of cryptocurrency, provide real valuable and potential digital assets, rich community resources and numerous partners.

Safety, Risk control

The security experts of the top exchanges in the world have customized the security and risk control system at all levels of the exchange platform, wallet, and project intelligence contracts. A comprehensive and complete risk control monitoring system ensures that the exchange platform is safe and risk-control.

Compliance, Legal

It has an cryptocurrency regulated business license issued by the Central Bank Securities Regulatory Commission in Southeast Asia. Bank Negara Malaysia, the Banking Regulatory Commission and the Securities Regulatory Commission conduct regulatory and operational reporting.

Professional team

The core management team comes from worldwide exchange executives, early blockchain developers, founders of quantitative hedge fund companies, and early private equity funds. We have the industry-leading technical strength, the authoritatively certified memory matching technology, processing speed of up to 10,000 transactions, far higher than the industry average.