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Service Regulations

NEEX respects and protects the personal privacy of all users who use the NEEX platform services. In order to provide you with more accurate and personalized services, NEEX will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. But NEEX will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and care. Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, NEEX will not disclose or provide such information to third parties without your prior permission unless it is required by law enforcer and or authorities as required by the provisions of law of the country. NEEX will update this privacy policy from time to time. If such changes result in a material impairment of your rights under this policy, NEEX will notify you by making a prominent prompt on the page and sending you an email before the change takes effect. In that case, by continuing to use our services, you agree to be bound by the revised policy. By agreeing to the NEEX service agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire content of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is an integral part of the NEEX service agreement.

This agreement is made by you and the operator of the NEEX, this agreement has the contractual effect.

The operator of NEEX is a legal entity responsible for operating the website of the platform, the information that concerns about the operator of NEEX can be checked on the NEEX home page ,including announces and license information. The operators of NEEX in this agreement may be individually or collectively referred to as "NEEX Limited". "NEEX" means a network platform operated by NEEX, including but not limited to NEEX website. The domain name is www.neex.com. The website is an encrypted website.

I. Contents and signing of the agreement

1.1 The content of this agreement includes the body of the agreement and all regulations that have been published or may be published in the future by the NEEX. All rules shall be an integral part of this agreement and shall have the same legal effect as the body of this agreement. Except as expressly stated otherwise, the services provided by NEEX and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as NEEX services) are subject to this agreement.

1.2 You should carefully read all the contents of the agreement before using the NEEX service. You should pay more attention on the contents displayed in bold font in the agreement. If you have any questions about the agreement, you should consult NEEX. But whether or not you actually read before using the NEEX service content of this agreement, as long as you use the NEEX service, you are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. At that time, you should not claim that this agreement is invalid or ask for the cancellation of this agreement on the grounds that you have not read the content of this agreement or have not obtained the answer to your inquiry by NEEX. You undertake to accept and abide by the provisions of this agreement. If you do not agree with this agreement, you should immediately stop registering/activating the program or stop using the NEEX service.

II. Registration and account

2.1 Registration Qualification

Neex.com do not accpetable and Service China and the United States resident registration.

Please confirm that you are a natural person, legal person or other organization with full capacity for civil rights and full capacity for civil conduct when completing the registration procedures. If you do not have the above qualifications, you and your guardian shall be liable for all consequences arising therefrom, and NEEX shall have the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account and claim compensation from you and your guardian.

2.2 Registration and Account

You are bound by this agreement after you fill in the information, read and agree to this agreement according to the prompts on the registration page and complete the registration procedures, or after you fill in the information, read and agree to this agreement according to the prompts on the activation page and complete the activation procedures, or actually using the services of the NEEX in any other manner permitted by the NEEX, You may enter the NEEX account by using the email address you provide or confirm, your mobile phone number, or any other means permitted by the NEEX. You must provide your real name, identification number and other legal and regulatory information. If you provide inaccurate or omitted information at the time of registration, NEEX will not be held responsible for this, and you will be liable for any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom.

2.3 User information

Upon completion of the registration or activation process, you shall, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, provide and update your information accurately and timely according to the prompts on the corresponding pages, so as to make it real, timely, completed and accurate. If there is reasonable reason to suspect that the information provided by you is wrong, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, NEEX has the right to send you a notice of inquiry request for correction, and the right to directly delete the corresponding information, until the suspension or termination of providing you with part or all of the services of NEEX. NEEX assumes no responsibility for this, and you will be liable for any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom.

2.4 Account security

You are responsible for your login name, nickname and password confidentiality, and shall be to the login names, nicknames and passwords of all the activities (including but not limited to, information disclosure, release information, online click agree or submit all kinds of rules agreement, online renewal agreement or purchase services, etc...

You agree that

2.4.1 You will immediately notify NEEX of any unauthorized use of your NEEX login name, nickname and password account or any other breach of confidentiality;

2.4.2 Ensure that you strictly abide by the security, authentication, transaction, recharge, withdrawal mechanism or process of the website/service;

2.4.3 Ensure that at the end of each Internet session, you leave the site/service in the correct steps. NEEX shall not and shall not be liable for any loss arising out of your failure to comply with this subsection. You understand that NEEX takes reasonable time to act on your request and that NEEX is not liable for any consequences (including, without limitation, any losses) that have occurred prior to the act.Through the NEEX services and other services provided by NEEX and its affiliates, users can publish transaction information, inquiries, conduct transactions and reach transaction intention, participate in activities organized by NEEX and use other information services and technical services. In case of any dispute between you and any other user in the course of trading in NEEX, once you or any other user or both parties jointly submit to NEEX for mediation, NEEX shall have the right to make a mediation decision based on the judgment of one party. You understand and agree to accept the judgment and mediation decision of NEEX. You understand and agree that NEEX shall have the right to provide to government departments (including judicial and administrative departments) and the stock exchanges, upon requests, such necessary information as user information and transaction records you provide to NEEX. If you are suspected of infringing upon the intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of others, NEEX is also entitled to provide the necessary identity information to the right holder upon preliminary judgment of the existence of the suspected infringement. You will be solely responsible for the tax payable and all hardware, software, services and other expenses incurred during your use of the NEEX services. When using the service, you agree that all transactions once executed are immutable. When using the service, you agree that NEEX has the right to liquidate transactions at any time regardless of profit or loss.

III. NEEX service usage standards

3.1 In the process to use the services of NEEX, you undertake to comply with the following conventions and guidelines:

a)the user name used complies with all and any written law, by laws, regulations applicable;

b)do not violate social public interests or public morality, do not damage the legitimate rights and interests of others;

c)Evade any taxes payable;

d)Breach or violate the terms and conditions of this agreement or any and laws or regulation;

3.2 In the event you violated the aforesaid commitments which arises in any legal consequences, you shall be solely liable and bear all the legal liabilities independently in your own name and thereafter ensure that NEEX shall not suffer any losses caused thereby.

3.3 In the process of trading with other users, you undertake as follows:

a) shall abide by the principle of honesty and credit;

b) do not take unfair competition behavior;

c) do not disturb the normal order of online trading;

d) do not engage in the behavior unrelated to online trading;

e) Not to make any commercial use of any data on the NEEX website, including but not limited to the reproduction, dissemination, etc. of the information displayed on the new millennium website without the prior written consent of the NEEX;

f) Not to use any devices, software or routines to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the NEEX or any transactions or activities being carried out in the NEEX. You must not take any action that will result in unreasonably large data loads on NEEX network equipment.

You understand and agree that NEEX shall have the right to unilaterally determine whether you have violated the above commitments and to handle or terminate the services provided to you in accordance with the applicable rules of the unilateral determination results without your consent or prior notice. Based on the need of maintaining the trading order and security of NEEX, NEEX has the right to close the corresponding trading orders and other operations under the circumstances of malicious sales or purchases that disrupt the normal trading order of the market.

The effective legal documents of the administrative and judicial offices of the state to confirm you have illegal or not, or NEEX according to the judgment of oneself, think that your behavior suspected violation of the provisions of this agreement and/or rules or suspected violation of the provisions of the laws and regulations of the NEEX has the right to list your such alleged violation or breach of contract and the measures taken to you. NEEX reserves the right to delete any information posted by you on NEEX that is suspected to be illegal or to infringe upon the legal rights of others or to violate this agreement and/or the rules without notice and to impose penalties in accordance with the rules.

NEEX reserves the right to unilaterally determine the nature of your conduct and whether it constitutes a breach of this agreement and/or the rules, and to impose penalties thereon, in respect of any conduct performed by you in respect of NEEX, including any conduct not performed by you in respect of NEEX but which has already affected NEEX and its users. You should keep all the evidence related to your behavior and should bear the adverse consequences if you fail to provide sufficient evidence. You shall bear all legal liabilities independently in your own name for any damage caused to any third party by your alleged breach of the commitment and or conduct, and you shall ensure that NEEX shall not incur any loss or increase in fees arising therefrom. If you are suspected of violating any relevant laws,by laws and or regulations and/or the provisions of this agreement, causing NEEX to suffer any loss, or resulted in any claim by any third party against NEEX, or any penalty imposed by any administrative department, you shall indemnify NEEX for the loss and/or expenses incurred thereby, including reasonable attorney fee.

IV. Scope and limitation of liability

4.1 NEEX makes no warranties, express or implied, to the services, including but not limited to the applicability of the services of NEEX, the absence of errors or omissions, the continuity, accuracy, reliability and suitability for a particular purpose. At the same time, NEEX shall not make any commitment and guarantee to the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, integrity and timeliness of the technology and information involved in NEEX services.

4.2 You understand that the information on NEEX is released by users themselves and may have risks and defects. NEEX is only the place to trade. NEEX serves just as you get the currency information, looking for trading object, and the currency to do trading negotiations, but NEEX can not control the currency exchange involving quality, safety or legality, trading information authenticity or accuracy, and different parties to meet its obligations in the trading agreement. You shall use your own discretion to determine the authenticity, legality and validity of the bitcoin and or information, and bear the responsibilities and losses arising therefrom.

4.3 Unless the laws and regulations requirements, or development of any of the following or otherwise, NEEX is without the obligation to all users of information data, the currency information, transactions and other matters related to the transaction prior review: NEEX have reasonable reason to think that a particular user and specific transaction possible major illegal or default. NEEX has reasonable grounds to believe that users' behavior in NEEX is suspected to be illegal or improper. NEEX or authorized third party or you and mutual agreed third party is entitled to based on your irrevocable authorization to accept you and other users because of the trade dispute, and shall have the right to unilaterally determine the dispute related facts and rules should be applied, and then make a decision, including but not limited to, the transaction status, adjust the relevant orders instruction or third-party payment company customer service will be paid to trade dispute the payment of all or part of one or both parties. This decision is binding on you. If you do not implement the processing decision within the time limit, NEEX has the right (but no obligation) to directly use the money you are still in the NEEX account, or you pay the deposit to NEEX and its affiliates. You should promptly make up the security deposit and make up for the loss of NEEX and its affiliates, otherwise NEEX and its affiliates have the right to directly offset your rights and interests under other contracts, and have the right to continue to recover.

4.4 You understand and accept that NEEX or NEEX authorized third party or mutual agreed third party is not the judiciary, can only to the identity of the ordinary people to identify evidence, NEEX or authorized third party or mutual agreed third party to dispute mediation is completely based on your irrevocable authorization, there is no guarantee that dispute processing results meet your expectations, or dispute mediation conclusion undertake any responsibility. If you suffer any loss, you agree to claim against the beneficiary party.

4.5 You understand and agree that NEEX shall not be liable for any damages caused to you by any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to damages for profits, goodwill, use, data and other intangible losses (whether or not NEEX has been informed of such damages)

V. Intellectual property rights

5.1 NEEX contains all intellectual property including but not limited to site logos, database, web design, text and graphics, software, photos, videos, music, sound and the combination of software compilation, relevant source code and software (including small applications and scripts) of intellectual property rights shall be owned by the NEEX. You may not copy, change, send or use any of the foregoing materials or content for commercial purposes.

5.2 All rights contained in the NEEX name (including but not limited to goodwill, trademarks and marks) shall be owned by the company.

5.3 Once you accepted this agreement, you shall be deemed to have knowledge of NEEX’s exclusive rights such as copyright of any form of information, including but not limited to: copy rights, distribution rights, rights of rental, exhibitions, presentations, broadcasting, information network transmission rights, alternation rights, translation rights, rights of assembly. In the event you breach or infringe the abovementioned rights, NEEX reserve its rights to commence legal action against you for any losses and claim of compensation as the result of the said breach and infringement. Further NEEX reserve its rights to either terminate this agreement with you.

5.4 You shall not illegally use or dispose of intellectual property rights of NEEX or others in the process of using NEEX services. You are not allowed to post or authorize other websites (and media) to use information published in the NEEX in any form.

5.5 Your access to or use of any services provided by NEEX shall not be deemed to transfer any intellectual property rights to you.

VI. Termination of the agreement

6.1 You agree that NEEX has absolute discretion for any reason without prior notice.

a)suspend and terminate the services provide you with some or all of the NEEX;

b)temporary freeze or permanent freezing (cancel) your account in the NEEX.

However in the abovementioned event , NEEX without any liability to you or to any third party reserve the right to continue to keep the account related transaction data, records and other information as well as the application and use the information given by you.

6.2 NEEX shall have the right to terminate this agreement by de-registration directly and permanently freeze (de-registration) your account in NEEX and the nickname of NEEX corresponding to your account in case of:

6.2.1 You are suspected to have once again registered as a NEEX user directly or indirectly or in the name of another person after the termination of the service provided by NEEX;

6.2.2 The Email address you provided does not exist or cannot receive Emails, and there is no other way to contact you, or NEEX notifies you of the change of Email information by other contact methods, and you have not changed to a valid Email address within three working days after the notification of NEEX;

6.2.3 The main content of the user information provided by you is not true or accurate or not timely or complete; When this agreement (including rules) changes, you express and notify NEEX that you are unwilling to accept the new service agreement;

6.3 Upon termination of your account services or permanent freeze (cancellation) of the rights of your account in NEEX, NEEX shall have no obligation to retain or disclose any information in your account for you, nor shall it have any obligation to forward any information you have not read or sent to you or any third party.

6.4 You agree that upon termination of your contractual relationship with NEEX, NEEX shall have the following rights: continue to keep your user information and all transaction information during your usage of NEEX services.

In the event you on your accord terminate this agreement, you undertake to complete and finalised any or all transactions before terminating this Agreement and in the event should you fail to do so NEEX shall not be liable for any claims arising from any incomplete transactions between parties.

If you have committed any illegal act or violated this agreement and/or the rules during your usage of the NEEX services, NEEX reserve the rights to suspend or terminate this Agreement and NEEX shall not be liable for any incomplete transactions between parties prior to the said breach or infringement and shall inform the other parties of the termination and breach caused by you. NEEX shall not be liable to complete the transactions on your behalf in such event.

VII. Privacy policy

The privacy policy shall be amended from time to time upon the announcement of the NEEX platform, and the privacy policy shall form an effective part of this agreement. If such changes resulted in a material derogation of your rights under this policy, NEEX will notify you by prominent notice on the page or by sending you an email before the change takes effect. In that case, by continuing to use our services, you agree to be bound by the revised policy.

VIII. Governing law and jurisdiction

Applicable law of this agreement are contracts concluded in accordance with laws of Malaysia, and the formation, interpretation, content and execution thereof shall be governed by relevant laws of Malaysia; Any claim or action arising out of or in connection with the services agreed herein shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. For the avoidance of doubt, this clause expressly applies to any claim against us for infringement. The competent court or place of action for any claim or action against us or in connection with us is in Malaysia. You are unconditionally granted exclusive jurisdiction to initiate proceedings and appeals in the courts of Malaysia. You also unconditionally agree that disputes or issues related to this agreement or any claims and lawsuits arising out of the place or court are exclusive in Malaysia, if there is a NEEX of other businesses on jurisdiction have a special agreement from its agreement. The doctrine of inconveniences does not apply to courts selected under these terms of service.

IX. Effectiveness and interpretation of the agreement

9.1 This agreement shall come into force when you click the NEEX registration page to agree to register and complete the registration process, and obtain the NEEX account and password. It shall be binding on NEEX and you.

9.2 NEEX reserves the right of final interpretation of this agreement.

Special statement

Please ensure the security of the computers you use as it relates to asset transactions and liquidity.

Risk and disclaimer


We would like to remind you here:

1.The digital assets themselves are not issued by any financial institution or company or the Exchange;

2.The digital asset market is new, unconfirmed, and may not grow;

3.Digital assets are mainly used by speculators, retail and commercial markets are relatively less used. Digital asset tradings are extremely risky. They are trading all day long, without restrictions on prices. Prices are easily affected by market makers and global government policies and fluctuating greatly;

4.Due to the formulation or revision of national laws, regulations and regulatory documents, digital asset tradings may be suspended or banned at any time.

Digital asset trading is extremely risky and not suitable for the vast majority of people. You understand that this investment may result in partial or total loss, so you should determine the amount of the investment in terms of the extent of the loss you can afford. You understand that digital assets generate derivative risks, so if you have any questions, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a financial consultant. In addition to the risks mentioned above, there are risks that are not predictable. You should carefully consider and use your clear judgment to assess your financial situation and the above risks and make any decision to buy or sell digital assets, and bear all losses , we will not be responsible for this.

Important to inform you:

1.You understand that the NEEX platform is only used as a place for you to obtain digital asset information, to find parties, to negotiate and conduct transactions on digital assets. NEEX does not participate in any of your transactions, so you should carefully determine authenticity, legality and validity of the relevant digital assets and / or the information, and bear the responsibility and loss arising therefrom.

2.Any opinions, news, discussions, analysis, prices, recommendations and other information of the NEEX are general market commentary and do not constitute investment advice. We do not bear any loss arising directly or indirectly from relying on this information, including but not limited to any loss of profits.

3.The contents of NEEX are subject to change without notice. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the NEEX's information, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of it and will not bear any loss caused directly or indirectly by delays or failures in connection with the Internet, transmission or receipt of any notices and information.

4.Exchange system using the Internet also have risks, including but not limited to software, hardware and Internet link failures. Because we cannot control the reliability and availability of the Internet, we do not accept any responsibility for distortion, delays, and link failures.

5.As far as company and individuals applying Malaysian law are concerned, no company or individual may operate foreign exchange deposit transactions without authorization, and may not buy or sell foreign exchange, trade foreign exchange in disguise. The rights and interests of both parties engaged in foreign exchange trading are not protected by law. Organizing and participating in such transactions is illegally operating foreign exchange business and privately trading foreign exchange, even breaking criminal law. NEEX does not bear all funds or other liabilities arising therefrom.

6.It is forbidden to use the NEEX to engage in all illegal trading activities such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, etc. If such incidents are found, the site will adopt various means of use, including but not limited to freezing accounts, notifying relevant authorities, etc. We do not bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom and retain the right to pursue accountability with the relevant parties.

7.It is forbidden to use the NEEX to conduct maliciously manipulated markets, improper transactions and other unethical trading activities. If such incidents are found, NEEX will take preventive measures such as warnings, restrictions on transactions, and closure of accounts for all unethical behaviors such as maliciously manipulated prices and maliciously affecting exchange systems. We do not bear all the responsibilities arising therefrom and reserve the right to pursue accountability with relevant parties.